Center  Early Childhood    Since 1945

Monthly Tuition Fees

Infants and Toddlers  3 months – 2 years Little Stars, Crayon Club and Ducklings Monday – Friday 7:00a-12:00p   $821.00 7:00a-6:00p     $1093.00 Monday-Wednesday-Friday 7:00a-12:00p    $608.00 7:00a-6:00p      $914.00 Tuesday/Thursday 7:00a-12:00p   $310.00 7:00a-6:00p     $678.00 * ECC follows the CUSD birthday cut-off


Registration Fees Required Upon Enrollment
Annual Registration Fee: $100/per child Enrollment Fee: $100/family (*one-time fee) Earthquake Supply Fee: $20/per child (one time fee)
*if a family withdraws from the program and returns at a later date, this fee will be charged again