Payment Policies

Center  Early Childhood Since 1945
Tuition:  Monthly tuition, and any additional fees, are due on the 1st of each month. The annual tuition cost is based on your child’s current classroom schedule.  Annual tuition is pro-rated and split evenly over 12 months (from the first day of school in September, to the Friday before our summer break), therefore, your tuition amount that is due each month will not change unless there are other fees and/or charges. We do not charge for our scheduled closures, and these closures are not included in the annual tuition amount. Registration Fees Registration fees are due upon registering your child each year. o Annual registration fee (per child)         $100.00 Admission fee:  This one-time fee goes towards holding your child(ren)’s spot on a class list. o Admission fee (per family)                     $100.00 Earthquake FeeThis one-time fee goes towards purchasing and re-stocking earthquake supplies each year. o Earthquake Fee (per child)                      $15.00   ($20.00 as of 09/07/10)